Artist receives banner ads connected to there website with liners attached to there current single. Artist will also receive priority placement for interviews. Package price, $25.00 per month Call Mike Carlin CGN Sales 509-551-0693 Our Banner Promotion Special Purchase 2 months and get 3rd month free $50.00 Save $25.00 Includes banner liner intro into new single. Banner link to your website. Priority interview slots. Holiday Liners. The Country Gold Network is proud to present an affordable winning promotion to artists and promoters.   We know you need to stretch your promotion dollar.  Now your promo investment dollar is stretched..."The Life Of The Single"!   The package includes:   1. Your promotional banner linked to the artists website.   2. The artist introducing the song each time it is played directing the listener to the banner.  Introductions will be updated to keep them fresh.   3. Priority interviews on the Mike Carlin Show. Interviews run twice a day on the Country Gold Network.  Each interview adds two extra spins to the TRRR report.  Artists are encouraged to schedule a number of interviews to keep listeners updated The Bottom Line. $75.00 for the life of the single. (Up to 6 months.)